Trend Alert: Metallic

metillicblogmjShimmer, glitter and sparkle shone across many of the runway collections for summer. While the appearance of metallic is far from new, this season sees a shift to a very street savvy version of this 80’s trend. Across the collections, both the super polished and a more edgy or grungy version of this new look metallic could be seen. Full length sequinned gowns sat alongside more street-style influenced pleated metallic skirts with high shine trench coats and metallic sweaters creating a versatile trend that combines a rock ‘n’ roll edge, high fashion traditions and today’s love of sports luxe.

This new look metallic makes these glittering wardrobe pieces the perfect am/pm addition to any summer wardrobe. Team with a pair of strappy heels for the perfect glamour look. With metallic everywhere, there is no need to save these glitzy pieces for cocktail parties – team with denim and trainers to add some sparkle into your everyday.

Trend Alert: Eastern Influence – The Kimono


One of the most coveted trends this summer is also one of the kindest – the kimono. This trend draws on the traditions of the East for influence but has been modernised to create the perfect jacket or fashion friendly cover up. Falling from the body to flatter and elongate the body this piece adds colour, sophistication, and best of all camouflage. Pair with jeans and cami, a maxi dress or your bikini to create the perfect on trend summer look for the street, beach or cocktail occasion. This ‘go to piece’ will take you anywhere and leave you feeling flawless and fashion savy.

Trend Alert: Wrap your way into summer


wrapdressThe 70’s revival sees a salute to Diane von Furstenberg and her iconic wrap dress as a key shape for summer. This reinterpretation of the wrap carries all the versatility, elegance and relaxed feel of its predecessor making it the perfect addition to the modern woman’s wardrobe. The best part of this key shape is that it enhances and conceals the body and is supremely flattering regardless of how or where you wear it.

This trend allows for the perfect am/pm dressing. Whether you style your wrap with leggings and a luxe sneaker to cover your day/weekend wear or add a pair of gorgeous strappy sandals for a glam evening out. Wrap your way into this summer season with this dress in hand and you will always be on point.

Trend Alert: Ways to wear pyjamas by day


Inspired by Coco Chanel and the louche loungewear of the twenties, this street-style trend for wearing one’s pyjamas in the daytime looks set to stick around. Key pieces are the cami, slip dress, piping detail, 7/8th cropped wide pant leg pant & of course the pyjama shirt. All colours and prints work well; a black & white combo makes it easy to wear. Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

To rock this trend, pick one pyjama-inspired piece and mix it in with your favorite wardrobe pieces. Pair a pyjama top with slouchy pants during the day. Edge up a slip dress or cami with a moto jacket in the evening. The key to nailing this trend is dressing for comfort while keeping it simple and sleek. The result? Sultry, effortless and on-trend looks that prove pyjamas don’t just belong in the bedroom.

Trend Alert: The Cold Shoulder

cold shoulderThe bare, or cold, shoulder is a massive trend for summer that is destined to be around for a good while. Women have simply fallen in love with the romance of this silhouette. This is a trend that is sexy without being overt and it works for all ages. It’s a way to show off skin but in the most modest way possible. It’s incredibly flattering because everyone’s shoulders look great… it’s true, the shoulders are a beautiful part of the body to show off. This trend is also so versatile and perfect for am/pm, you will love how easily you can dress this on trend silhouette up or down. Find your perfect cold shoulder top or dress and embrace this new trend for summer.

Trend Alert: Stripes

StripesStripes stormed the summer 2016 catwalks in every style you can possibly imagine – horizontal and vertical; thick lines and super skinny ones. Stripes are a pattern that will never go out of fashion, they are a classic that should always be in one’s wardrobe in one form or another. This season, however, statement making stripes are clearly going beyond the classics we all know and love. In bold new colours, or mixed and matched, there is a stripe to suit everyone. Vertical stripes are a girl’s best friend as they are incredibly flattering so look for off the shoulder dresses or wide leg pants in your favourite stripe.

Wardrobe Audit

wardrobe audit

1. Pull out your entire wardrobe (and any clothing you have packed away) and sort them into two piles a. Clothes you love and wear regularly (approx 20% of wardrobe) b. Clothes you hardly ever wear (approx 80% of wardrobe)

2. Then organize the above two piles into the following four categories a.
Dry cleaning b. Mending and alteration c. Give away d. Pack away

3. Start with pile 1a. (the ‘Love’ pile) – check each garment for dry cleaning and mending; if either is needed put the item into the correct category as above.
If no dry cleaning or mending is required, put the garment onto one of your brand new matching hangers. Start setting up your wardrobe from this point

4. Next go onto pile 1b. (the ‘Hardly ever wear’ pile)
a. Firstly, be strong! Go through the pile leaving emotions and memories out of it. Items that no longer fit, are damaged, aged, pilling, or no longer reflect how you like to dress, need to go in the ‘give awaypileb. The next step is to try on every piece of clothing that is now left. Look carefully at yourself in front of a full length mirror. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide what category these garments belong in:

i. How do I look and feel? ii. What do I need in my wardrobe to be able to wear this more? iii. Does it need a slight adjustment to fit better? iv. Is the cost of the adjustment worth the benefit I will get from the garment?

As you start answering these questions place the garments in one of the four main categories described above in step 2

5. Place piles 2a. 2b. and 2c. into large plastic bags and place them in your car immediately so that you deal with them right away

6. Place pile 2d. (‘Pack away’ pile) in vacuum bags, taking up as little space as possible. Then place in an attic, garage or at the top of a wardrobe in your house

You are now officially ready for the season ahead! Remember that this is an ongoing process. Don’t expect to get it right the first time,
you will get better and better at this process the more you do it.

If you get to the end of this process and you are feeling very disheartened with your wardrobe, please contact one of our trained stylists to
book yourself a one-on-one styling session.